Friday, 1 February 2013

Fashion For Dating

Wednesday night Emir and I were part of an event called “Fashion For Dating” and it was a really interesting to hear the views of people in the fashion industry comment on fashion choices and trends in relation to dating.

It further highlighted an aspect in dating that people take very seriously, and even sometimes is the factor that determines the outcome of the date. There are a lot of people who might take their fashion choices when going out and dating lightly, but there are many others who get themselves in such a state of stress when deciding on what to wear. So, is there a universal rule when it comes to dating fashion? Is what we wear as important as who we are as a person?
We all know the saying that it is what is on the inside that matters, but how much of that ‘inside’ is showing on the ‘outside’? Should we dress in a way that our clothing and style represents our personality and best portrays what is on the inside?

Does a lazy person dress in a lazy manner? Does a high maintenance person dress in a high maintenance way? Does a sporty person dress in a sporty fashion? You know what… probably! Without us even realizing it, as humans we are programmed to sub-consciously judge a person by their cover and it is only but a defense mechanism that is designed to protect us, even though many of us may take it too far as to blindly trust and stick to that judgment. But, it did make me realize the importance of fashion in dating.

It is really important when meeting new people and dating to put our best foot forward and be honest in order to portray an accurate sense of self, therefore this should include the way we look. Just like a resume – we dress it up to present a certain way so that we are successfully called in for an interview to be able to demonstrate our true self. Therefore, in order for you to get that interview (date) you need to appeal to that person who is looking for you.

When it comes to women and noticing what you are wearing, guys don’t be fooled to think that she might miss out on those little details you thought she wouldn’t notice. Remember, the more effort you put in, the more reward you receive. Regardless of your body shape and type you can find something that best flatters you and highlights your greatest assets. Everyone has their own sense of style, and it should most definitely be honored in your choice of clothing as it is an expression of who you are. However, though it might be cruel to be kind, if something is not working for you – try something new! Standing next to a wall and hoping it will turn into a door will never serve you well. Go and venture through some new doors, some new looks and don’t be afraid to seek advice from people in the industry who know what they are talking about.

If you want to impress a woman whilst feeling amazingly confident in your clothes, here are a few staple pieces that you should have on hand when going out or dating:
- A well fitted sports jacket/blazer. If you need to go to a tailor to get it fitted, it is a good investment. Studies show that women notice when a man has properly fitted clothing and it is an appealing trait you look at finer details, as they imagine you would do the same for them.
- A good, clean pair of shoes. You should know by now that women and shoes are a force to be reckoned with. Keep your shoes in check and you are guaranteed to have your best foot in the game.
- A nice watch that represents your personality. She will definitely notice a nice watch. It represents class, style and most importantly reliability.

The question for females of how to dress with the aim of looking sexy and appealing to the male eye, without looking easy and showing too much, was to some debate. In my opinion, you can look extremely sexy and barely be showing any skin at all. It is all about dressing for your body and representing your best assets! I like to think of it as dressing like your giving a gift; a present wrapped up. You want to give away the outlines, curves and edges of the gift with hints as to what is inside. 

There seems to be so many rules when it comes to women and their dress codes, for example, boobes or legs - you can only show one or the other. When it came time for the panel to give their opinion, it seemed as though it was mutually agreed that you can almost wear anything you like that represents your personality as long as you wear it with confidence!

When you are going on a date, my advice to women is to dress as if you were going to run into your ex boyfriend (who broke your heart) or your school reunion. Wear it with confidence and feel sexy in it!!

Samantha K


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